Welcome to thelexingtonbookie

Hello everyone!

As the new year rolled around, I made my resolutions and two of the top goals on my list were to read more, and start (and maintain!) a blog to work on my writing skills. I figured, why not tackle two in one by starting a blog about book reviews?! While I’m no professional at writing or literary reviews, I’m pretty good at judging a story and I have a sense of humor. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep you tuned in!

Now a little about me: I’m 25, live in Lexington, Kentucky, and am an equine enthusiast. Actually, horses are pretty much my life, which is why I decided to move to the horse capital. Anyways, I also love to hang out with family and friends, take “Sunday” drives around the Bluegrass, and curl up with my two cats  as I escape into a good book. My wide taste in reads ranges from non-fiction to fantasy, but I have a soft spot for  historical fiction. And I don’t plan what I want to read- I go to the library, walk through the shelves, and grab whatever catches my eye. It’s a method that has worked for me since I was old enough to have my own library card.

So, here I am, bringing you the gems from my local library branch. If anything, I’m your new “cliff notes” buddy, but I hope to inspire you to either read more, blog more, or pick up the book that I mentioned. Here’s to resolutions and reading!

xo, Amanda


2 thoughts on “Welcome to thelexingtonbookie”

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I like what you wrote about yourself. I too am a historical fiction and nonfiction fan. You’ll see in my blog a civil war type romance by Lynn Austin as well as a book about General Stonewall Jackson. I especially love the civil war era. I will check out your blog.

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