Welcome to The Lexington Bookie!

What started as a fun resolution to read more and start (and maintain!) a blog became a full-on thrill to to read, review, and blog about the bookish things I enjoy.

It’s been two years since I’ve started this blog, and while I’m no professional at writing or book reviewing, I’m pretty good at judging a story and enjoy recommending a good book to others. It thrills me to know that there are people out there who care what I have to say about books, or who agree/disagree with my taste in novels and love to discuss their thoughts. My followers and those that I follow inspire me to read and write, and have fun with this blog.

Now a little about me personally: I’m 26, live in Lexington, Kentucky, and am an equine enthusiast. Actually, horses are pretty much my life, which is why I decided to move to the horse capital. Anyways, I also love to hang out with family and friends, take “Sunday” drives around the Bluegrass, and curl up with my two cats  as I escape into a good book. My wide taste in reads ranges from non-fiction to fantasy, but I have a soft spot for  historical fiction. My to-be-read pile has grown considerably since I started this blogging escapade, and though I’m making a steady dent in it, it’s ridiculously hard to catch up when I’m constantly adding to it.

So, here I am, bringing you the gems from my local library branch, my local thrift stores, and the scores that I decide to ignore my budget for. I hope you enjoy the selection, and hope you continue to follow me as I delve deeper into the bookish blogger world. Speaking of following, don’t forget to follow me on WordPress and on my social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!) to keep up on my current posts. If you’re already following me, thank you for your support <3.

Happy reading!

xo, Amanda


9 thoughts on “Welcome to The Lexington Bookie!

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I like what you wrote about yourself. I too am a historical fiction and nonfiction fan. You’ll see in my blog a civil war type romance by Lynn Austin as well as a book about General Stonewall Jackson. I especially love the civil war era. I will check out your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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