The Poet of Tolstoy Park by Sonny Brewer

My coworker friend who recommended “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” simultaneously recommended the book “The Poet of Tolstoy Park”. She brought both in to work with her, and as I stated, I devoured NWND, but I’ve been really struggling with the TPOTP. Not only has my mind be sidetracked by the spring temperatures, house projects, and other prior engagements, but I’ve also opened this book a dozen times, read a few pages, and then decided to put it away. As of right now, I’ve only made it to chapter three out of thirty seven.

It’s a very intellectual book, and written eloquently…but I believe this to be the hang up for me. I get bogged down in those words, the complex and eloquence make it hard for my mind to wander into the imaginary world that the author is trying to create. Maybe my intelligence isn’t high enough to grasp what Brewer is trying to create for the reader…maybe I haven’t read far enough into the story to be grasped. Either way, I’m setting this one on hold, in hopes that at some point, I’ll pick it up again and be able to lavish this novel as my coworker does- she’s read it a dozen times.

Have any of you out there read it? What are your thoughts?


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