Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

After turning the last page, it’s no wonder why Eat Pray Love became a best seller. Now, I’m aware I’m about 10 years late on this band wagon, but honestly my 15 year old self wouldn’t have understood the beautiful journey that the author embarked on. Which also makes a point that even a decade later, this book is still entirely relative and just as inspiring to a younger generation. If you haven’t read this book, read it now. Don’t even finish the review- go get a copy, curl up somewhere really comfortable, and just read.

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Ok, now that you’ve read the book- and those of you who ignored my advice- this book follows along the spiritual and personal growth of the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s written as a personal account, and I promise it’s not some mumbo-jumbo point of view where she tries to push her religion on you. It’s funny, witty, heart wrenching at times, and so truthful. She spares some details, but nothing is left untouched as she describes how she changed her own life after falling apart during a failed marriage. She travels to Italy, learning the language and tasting the finest foods (Eat). She then spends months in an Ashram in India and reconnects with her spirit (Pray). And finally, she travels to Indonesia to find balance, and in turn finds peace and (Love).


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and was constantly finding sources of inspiration from Liz’s (I feel like I know her, so I’m going first name basis here) writing. I had to keep a stack of flag-post-its to keep track! So, a few things that spoke to me:

  1. “L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle…. ” Italian for ‘The love that moves the sun and the other stars’. Speaking about the language and this example made me want to learn the language myself- or at least make a better attempt at my dream to be bilingual.
  2. “Attraversiamo”. Italian for “Let’s cross over” as in cross a street. It takes on more meaning to the author, but she’s right- it’s fun to say!
  3. “”Dear God, that family needs grace.” She replied firmly, “That family needs casseroles,” and proceeded to organize the entire neighborhood into bringing that family dinner, in shifts, every single night, for an entire year. I do not know if my sister fully recognizes that this is grace.” Amen, Liz, amen.
  4. Om Namah Shivaya. I honor the divinity that resides within me.” A mantra that found its way into my head after reading the author’s tale about it.
  5. “You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be.” The author’s friend’s advice is too good not to laugh or ignore!
  6. “Ray Charles could see your control issues!” When a book makes a joke and I laugh sincerely, that’s when I know it’s good.

I plan to buy this one for my personal library, and I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t already. I know it’ll be one that I’ll pick up for a little inspirational reading. So good you guys, so good. Okay I’m done gushing. Just read it! Also, you can check out the movie adaption with Julia Roberts. It’s really good (but not as good as the book!)

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