“My Life is a Little Hectic” by thelexingtonbookie

Hi everybody! So, as you can see, I am considerably failing at my resolution to keep reading, but I’m trying to at least write a little something so that you know I haven’t forgotten about you!

So, you all know that as of mid-June I finally (FINALLY) closed on my first house, and I’ve been working like a mad woman to make it my home this past month. It took me about two weeks to get everything out of my apartment and into some pile at the house. Then, it’s taken me the past two weeks to shift it from one room to it’s semi-determinant location.It was a tiny bit of hell for a lot of heaven, due to the fact that I did about 90% of the moving myself (thanks Josette for the other 10%, you’re the best!) and I did all in Kentucky’s lovely June humidity. Needless to say, I’m glad that part is over.

This of course coincided with Independence Day weekend here (#merica) so I actually got to have my first guests stay in the house, my best friend from college and her fiance (shout-out to Miko and TyTy! Yes, I call him that to his face.) We had a blast running around from distillery to distillery, trying bourbons and brews across the Bluegrass, while catching show after show of firework displays. However, this left very little time for work around the house, and no time whatsoever for quiet reading.

I did attempt to get some reading in this weekend while I was house sitting for another couple, but honestly, I was way more into the TV because this place has cable- a luxury that I have yet to have in over 3 years!

So between all this excitement, my regular job, my fun farm “job”, petsitting, having company over, and just pure exhaustion, I’m admittedly doing a horrible job at keeping up the reading resolution. The rest of this month isn’t looking promising either- but hopefully by August, the dust will settle and I’ll be getting back on the bandwagon. So hang in there with me folks, I’m doing the best I can, and I’m determined to make a strong comeback soon.

Thanks for sticking by me,

thelexbookie 🙂


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